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About us

We get social investment to the people making a difference

First Ark Social Investment is all about providing finance for social impact. We can help your organisation to grow, thrive and be sustainable for now and in the future.

Social investment is any investment that’s made with the aim of creating a social outcome, as well as a financial return.

Whether you are big or small, we’re here to help you take the next step. Our dedicated team will provide guidance and support to help you get the most social value out of your investment. We have a range of financial options available.

Not sure whether you meet the criteria? Just give us a call. We can discuss your individual needs.

  • We get investment to the people that need it in the North West
  • We give more help every step of the way
  • We aim to make getting social investment easier
  • That means money to more social entrepreneurs
  • And more social value for everyone

What’s important to us

Our goal is a fairer, more inclusive society and economy in the North West, where everyone can participate, share and flourish. We believe the best way to make this happen is to bring together the best of the public, private and voluntary sectors to drive growth, working collaboratively to create success that changes people’s lives.

We support groups who generate social value. It’s more than just grants, it’s more than just loans and it’s more than just guidance, it’s a combination of everything.

We’re opening up access to funding to empower you to do more and to grow as a business. Support and advice every step of the way helps you to first access funding and then get the most value out of it.

Our Investment Committee brings together a carefully selected team of people with a wealth of experience and understanding in the social sector, particularly in the North West. With their mixture of skills and enthusiasm for helping social enterprises expand their reach, they have both the energy and the ideas to help organisations like yours.


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We’re listed on Goodfinance.org.uk, a website to help charities and social enterprises navigate social investment.

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