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ADHD Foundation


Current NHS estimates are that 5%+ of the school age population have ADHD but less than 3% are diagnosed and less than 1% are medicated. This means that 300,000 children are at greater risk of school failure and dependency on statutory services, and at increased risk of mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, self-harm, addictions and eating disorders which are linked to ADHD.

ADHD Foundation is a Merseyside-based charity who provide the NHS with the NICE Guidelines multi-modal model of interventions, that include a range of psychological therapies, family therapy, information, advice and guidance and resources for children, parents and adults with ADHD, pioneering a lifespan service for ADHD. Its charitable objectives also include UK wide educational programmes/young people activities, 1-1 coaching, support for young offenders with ADHD and support for clinicians training for professionals.

First Ark Social Investment have supported the organisation with business planning, applying for funding through the First Ark Social Investment Invest for Impact fund and also provided post funding support.

ADHD Foundation received an investment amount of £67,500 loan and £7,500 grant in June 2017. The grant will be used to upgrade the current website and provide an e-commerce facility. The remaining loan will be used to fund a complete I.T. upgrade including the purchase of a new CRM system which will strengthen the organisation’s infrastructure and increase efficiency of the staff.

“ADHD Foundation is a unique and exemplary model that supports NHS patients, schools, families and individuals to improve the life chances of everyone living with and affected by ADHD. Our plans to expand the service to include a service offering diagnosis, prescribing and all other therapies is now a step nearer thanks to investment from First Ark. The collaboration of service users and professionals to bring about effective and lasting change proves that given the right support, service users no longer have to be passive or dependent, but instead become the agents of change they want to see. This demonstrates that service users can truly participate in the design and delivery of services they need.”

Dr Tony Lloyd, Chief Executive, ADHD Foundation

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