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The Gritty Reality of Social Investment

A series of articles on the realities of social investment, courtesy of Big Society Capital:

blog-society What can social investment offer primary care providers? - Last week Big Society Capital and the Care and Wellbeing Fund held a small roundtable to discuss the potential for social investment
blog-society When is it the right time for a charity to take on loan finance? - Charities are often reluctant to take on loan finance, preferring instead to rely on grants from trusts or individuals. That’s understandable, but
blog-society When your lawyer says, “Is that really what you want to do?” - So maybe Confucius didn’t specifically point the finger at lawyers but it can seem like that sometimes, and as we were putting
blog-society How do you know you are investment ready? - “Are you investment ready?” You’ve probably heard this question a lot if you’ve explored social investment. You might also still be wondering
blog-society Getting to grips with the legal paperwork - After the euphoria of hearing the words “investment committee have approved your investment proposal”, it can be hard to get excited about
blog-society A social enterprise’s view - The gritty reality of social investment? It’s hard work, it’s high pressure, and it is certainly no replacement for revenue. However, those
blog-society A personal view from a social entrepreneur - It was the summer of 2008 and we were launching a new web-based social enterprise and we needed start-up capital. Up until
blog-society Investing in integration - The UK has a long history of welcoming a large and diverse intake of migrants. Net migration remains above 300,000. Refugees and
blog-society Governance and Social Investment - This research is for information purposes only and has been produced by Big Society Capital in its capacity as champion for the
blog-society Charity Trustees and SE Non-Exec Directors - “Social investment is a great way to raise funds, increase impact and increase awareness of the charity’s work. As a sector, why
blog-society Brexit and Social Investment - Is there anything left to say about Brexit? Rightly, the rational view across the social sector is that their role is not
blog-society State Aid requirements and exemptions - Big Society Capital: State Aid requirements and exemptions Purpose of this guide This handbook is an introduction to State Aid for potential investees of Big

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