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Birkenhead Gymnastics Academy



Birkenhead Gymnastics Academy (BGA) is a not for profit organisation currently providing recreational and elite gymnastics training to children aged 4 – 18. Their mission is to develop children’s confidence and ability, maintain the highest standards of coaching and training and enable all children to reach their potential whatever their level.

Until recently, BGA was situated in a school, which was not fit for purpose, only allowing hours of operation to be evenings and weekends. BGA have since moved into the well known Kingsland Building in Birkenhead, Wirral which has allowed their hours of operation and members to increase. BGA were hindered in their ability to grow due to a lack of equipment, promotion, advertising and staff, as well as outstanding costs associated with the move.

First Ark Social Investment have recently provided a £50,000 investment from their Invest for Impact fund to BGA to enable them to deliver their much needed growth plan. BGA will provide social impact largely centred around individuals health and wellbeing. The investment will also help BGA to offer yoga / Pilates classes as well as gymnastic training/classes/teams of all ages.

“We would like to thank the First Ark Social Investment team for their support throughout the application process for the Invest for Impact fund. The much needed investment, has enabled us to help find places in our Academy for the 100+ children on our waiting list, and to also offer pre -school gymnastics, parent and toddler sessions, promoting health and wellbeing along with encouraging social inclusion. Your funding and support is helping make such a difference within the community, so thank you!”

– Dawn Mitchell, BGA Club Manager

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