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Brathay Trust


When Brathay Trust needed to update outdoor activity facilities at its Lakeland residential centre, First Ark Social Investment was ready to help. Thanks in part to a £99,000 social investment, hundreds of young people are finding new self-confidence & teamwork skills and exercise on the High Challenge Rope Course and other facilities, potentially generating millions of pounds in social value.

Based in Ambleside, Brathay Trust operates a residential centre, with programmes including a range of outdoor activities. Its mission is to inspire young people, build confidence and improve life chances through physical and mental activities.

Brathay identified an opportunity to increase social value and letting revenue by updating its facilities. Brathay approached us for funding. We worked with them on pre-investment planning, including social impact and economic value forecasts.

After a successful pre-investment planning stage, we invested £99,000 to help Brathay update its facilities. Of that investment £27,000 brought the rope course up to date with brand new equipment, creating a 250-foot span over two levels linking to a climbing wall. A further £72,000 was used to refurbish nine letting bedrooms in Brathay Hall, providing modern accommodation for visitors and generating increased letting income, enough to support three additional jobs at the centre.

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