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How charities could benefit from older volunteers

Charity organisations could be missing out on an untapped volunteer workforce. A recent survey by the Royal Voluntary Service found that around one in four people over the age of 55 were planning to do some kind of voluntary work in 2017.

Many retired people are looking to ‘give something back’ through volunteering, often spurred on by the extra free time provided by retirement. As well as helping their local community, the 2,000 older people who responded to the survey said that they also saw voluntary work as a good way of keeping active and meeting people.

This growing number of older volunteers means that social organisations may find themselves with a wise and willing workforce ready to help them grow. While a ready supply of volunteers is great asset to any social enterprise, workers alone are only a part of the growth equasion.

It takes more than willing hands

As numbers of volunteers increase, charities and other groups may need more money to put them to good use and increase the social benefit they can create. It could be extra money for bigger premises, buying more or newer equipment, or just to fund the growing cost of day-to-day operations.

Invest for Impact is specially designed to help charities and social enterprises in the North West of England in situations just like this, where lack of suitable finance is an obstacle to growth. It’s available as a loan or ‘blended capital’ – a mixture of loan and up to 30% grant, and available in amounts of between £50,000 and £150,000.

But it’s more than just money. Invest for Impact is delivered by First Ark Social Investment, part of the First Ark Group, with a long history and plenty of know-how nurturing social value across the North West.

Unlike some other forms of social finance, there’s plenty of help and advice included, with First Ark advisers ready to help charities and social enterprises get ‘investment ready’, then support them throughout the lifetime of the loan – which can be repaid over as much as 60 months.

Apply now and realise the potential that Invest for Impact can release.

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