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EMERGE Recycling

EMERGE provide a full range of waste recycling and confidential shredding services to businesses, schools and organisations whilst promoting waste reduction, reuse and recycling through advice and information to customers and the wider community. The real ‘3Rs’ (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) of sustainable resource and waste management are at the heart of everything they do.

Parent charity EMERGE 3Rs has a partnership with FareShare UK whereby they run the Greater Manchester industry surplus food operation, redistributing the food to community organisations, schools’ breakfast clubs, soup kitchens and the like. The Touch Wood training workshop and store sells reclaimed construction wood waste and upcycles it into bespoke products for sale to the public.

EMERGE Recycling are keen to extend their reach across the region, adding more collection areas and increasing their range of waste and recycling services, which will in turn allow them additional capacity to meet their charitable objectives.

Through a flexible investment arrangement and a common goal to grow sustainable businesses across the North West, EMERGE and First Ark Social Investment have agreed that together they could create a wider and stronger social impact. Over the period of the investment, the money is being used for various projects including the purchase of enhanced on-site shredding infrastructure, new containers for collecting paper and card for confidential shredding and recycling, as well as taking on additional apprentices.

EMERGE’s social impact made possible through investment will include the creation of full time jobs, new apprenticeship positions as well as increasing the amount of material they’re able to recycle and upcycle.

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