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Liverpool Community Advice (LCA)


Liverpool Community Advice offers a much needed free service to the residents of Liverpool and Knowsley, listening to those in need.

Advising approximately 4,000 clients annually, they act as a personal advice point for people looking for guidance on welfare and financial issues. LCA prevents over 200 evictions per year allowing families to remain in their homes.

LCA used the money received from our Invest for Impact fund to create two new staff posts including a Financial Administrator role and a Welfare Rights position. The positions have been created to enable staff to see more customers and offer more welfare support.

Investment will help LCA increase their social impact, acting as a valuable resource to enable customers to access fair treatment from providers and live their best possible lives.

“The impact that First Ark Social Investment has had on LCA has been incredible – we have been able to develop a specialist welfare rights advice service. The development of this service had been a key part of LCA’s business plan for several years as we knew there was a significant client demand for such a service.

As a holistic advice provider we were acutely aware that we were unable to offer our clients support at first tier tribunal and this concerned us. Funding provided by First Ark Social Investment has now enabled us to offer our clients a complete welfare rights advice service from initial discussion of possible entitlement through to appeal representation.”

– Kristian Khan, Chief Executive of LCA.

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