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Social Impact

Measuring Social Impact


Struggling to measure & report on the Social Impact of your organisation?

First Ark Social Investment offer a range of services using a number of methods and tools to enable your organisation to measure, report and demonstrate your social impact. We also offer a range of services including Social ROI, Social Accounts, Impact Statements and staff training.

Our reporting will enable you to use the results to support investments and/or tenders you apply for, as well as being used for engagement of staff and stakeholders.

What are the benefits of measuring Social Impact?

  • Securing new contracts & customers
  • Attracting and reporting on funding and investment
  • Improved learning from results
  • Better shaping and development of existing and future activities
  • Improving communication & transparency with stakeholders
  • Enabling increased positive publicity

Recent Work

One Ark worked collaboratively with Genie, a Merseyside based organisation, to produce their Annual Social Impact Accounts. From our initial assessment, it was clear that Genie were a small organisation making a huge impact to individual service users, the local authority, NHS and wider society. By utilising the most appropriate data sets and indicators, we were able to describe the full impact of the organisation

“As an organisation we had always been aware that our work was impactful. But evidencing, describing and communicating its worth was a struggle. Our Social Impact Accounts tell our story better than we ever could have and are definitely worth their weight in gold!”

Carolyn Edwards (Managing Director)


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The chances are you’re already making a huge social impact through what you do but need financial support and a helping hand to be able to do more. You may be just starting out and need a financial boost to realise your true potential. Whichever one you are, one of the team is on hand to discuss the options.


We want social success stories to grow. It might be a new idea that nobody has ever thought of, or just a way of doing something differently. You may even have a tried and tested formula and just need to do more of it. Good ideas can become great and inspire and help more people.


We want you to keep doing what you’re doing for longer. Social enterprises with long-term potential create the most impact by getting support to more and more people who need it. An investment that keeps working for years and years does more good that money that only makes a difference for a little while.

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